Stomping out radon fear

One property at a time

At db Air Quality, we are about protecting families from lung cancer-causing radon gas.

Our goals are simple:

We share correct facts about radon with you. 

We plan & administrate radon testing to properly measure radon levels.   

We design & deliver high-quality radon reduction solutions to make your property safe again.

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Why Choosing db Air Quality

  • Based on your unique requirement, each solution is carefully engineered. 
  • Over 100 Calgary families have trusted us to administrate radon test for their homes.
  • C-NRPP certified professional for radon measurement & mitigation.
  • licensed contractor with the City of Calgary. 
  • Fully insured and have WCB & Commercial coverages.
  • Professional engineer & technologist with the mechanical & civil background. 

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