Reduce radon. Restore peace.

Health Canada recommends households with radon concentrations
above 200 Bq/m3 to take action in reducing radon level.

How to mitigate:
Active Soil Depressurization

Properly size radon fan + piping venting system

A venting system penetrated below the concrete slab to suck air and radon gas from under the house and exhaust to outdoor.

As air is sucked out, air pressure under the basement concrete slab also becomes lower than above the concrete slab. It is now more difficult for radon to enter the basement.

The radon gas chooses the less resistance path and flows through the venting system rather than squeezing through cracks/gaps to enter into the basement.


 Less radon entry = Lower indoor radon level = Healthier indoor air



No two buildings’ foundation soil pressure profiles are exactly the same

Each reduction system design should begin with the end in mind. That’s mean we first consider where to properly exhaust the radon gas to outside the building.

We test + analyze the soil pressures & design every radon reduction
system from the ground up (literally).