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in 60 seconds

Radon is a radioactive gas slowly released from underground by radium that breaks down in soil, rocks, and water.
Radon continues to decay and form other radioactive particles that cling onto the lung wall.
Energy released during the decay. This energy damages to the lung cells.

The damaged cells becomes cancer cells when they improperly repaired themselves.

Health Risk

Radon is leading lung cancer cause for

of lung cancer is

Smokers are
6 times
more at risks than non-smokers​

How does Radon gas get into your dwelling?

Simply put, air pressure difference.

 Air pressure in the soil below your basement concrete floor is often higher
the indoor air pressure in your basement.

The radon and soil gas are being pushed by the high soil pressure into your basement through gaps and cracks.

Radon gas is then dispersed throughout the building through the ventilation system.

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