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Psst… We Make the Test so Easy for you

Short-Term vs Long-Term overview

Short-Term (4 – 7 days)

A quick way to test your home’s radon level. Think about it like a snapshot. Our clients use short-term test when they are buying a new real estate property.

We use our instrument to measure and record radon levels in hourly intervals. Our instrument has four duplicate built-in sensors for accuracy and precision.

When the test is completed, we look at possible trends and issue a report that includes the high, low, and average of radon levels during the testing period. A plot of hourly radon level is also part of the report.

Short-term test pricing varies depending on test duration (96 hrs and up).

Long-Term (3 – 12 months)

Long term test is an economic way to test radon level but it takes a bit of time. If you are in Calgary, we come to your property to set up the test for you. Based on your lifestyle, we find the best location in your house to place the testing unit.

We Babysit Your Test so You don’t Need to

When the test is done, we come and pick up your test. We take care of the paperwork, custom, and send your test to the lab in the USA. The final test result is presented in an average radon level for the test period. Long-term test pricing is per device, regardless the test duration (return shipping and lab test fee included).

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